Restorative Dentistry

Restorative dentistry, simply put, is the use of dentistry to restore the natural function and esthetic state of your mouth and teeth. This may include procedures such as fillings, dental crowns, dental veneers, dental bridges, partial or full dental implants to replace missing teeth.

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Dental Implants are used to replace missing or severely damaged teeth. This is accomplished by surgically fusing titanium “posts” to the jawbone, which then act as imitation roots for dentures, crowns, bridges and more. Implants will provide you with a long term solution for your dental health. Not only do implants last longer than many of the other treatments, but they are Esthetically pleasing, and are highly comfortable and predictable in terms of usage.


Dental crowns are used to fit over or take the place of severely damaged or missing tooth. They are often referred to as “caps” because of the way the rest on top of your tooth. Crowns can be used when severe decay affects the surrounding teeth, Extensive Trauma damage, final touches on a root canal, or single tooth replacement. A dental crown is a much more affordable option for those looking for strengthen tooth structure and improve appearance.


Dental Bridges are used to “bridge” the area of 1-3 missing teeth. Each bridge is made up of 1 or more artificial teeth called pontics. Bridges are held in place by crowns on the adjacent teeth. This is an easy and affordable solution for those looking to gain confidence back in a complete looking smile. They can be taken out when needed unless secured by implants to the jawbone for a more permanent bridge. Dental Bridges are an excellent way to meet your unique dental health needs.


Dentures are an affordable way for you to replace either a large section or complete rows of missing or severely damaged teeth. Dentures come in two form, Traditional, held in place by clamps, adhesives, or suction, or implant based, held in place by implants (see above). Dentures are very similar to bridges, however they cover much larger areas. Dentures will help your smile, and overall dental health improve to fit your basic needs and help make you a happier person.

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